Low rpm generators - in order

Under request low rpm permanent magnet generators, from 125rpm to 500rpm, and from 0.5 KW to 5KW, single phase - in order any kind, vertical or horizontal axis

Thursday, July 11, 2013

In order low rpm permanent magnet generators

To say low , or slow speed permanent magnet generator, I mean from 125rpm , to 500rpm.

Based on Neodymium magnets, new generation, high quality, very light, long life, warranty 5 years.

My permanent magnet generators are made in my own new technology,  with almost 20 years experience. So, like no other I can give 5 years warranty.
Like you can see, open type, provides a reliable self-cooling which is very important for Neodymium magnets.
In this way my generators can operate for many years without maintenance.

Also, my generators are not heavy like the others.

I'll manufacture any kind of generator you wish, from 125rpm to 500rpm, and from 0,5 KW to 5 KW, single phase, 50Hz or 60Hz, under request.

Horizontal or vertical axis - in your order
Thickness and length of shaft -
all for your needs .

Or - do it yourself.

For sell accurate plans - how to build permanent magnet generator you need.

E-mail: mygener@gmail.com 

Place of origin - Poland - Greece. 

Diagrams presents example pmg 5 KW, 100rpm.

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